Friday, September 30, 2011

Wolverine #16 – A Quick Execution

How the f**k does the baddest ass hero in comics, get one of the toughest, hard as nails, raw emotional writers in comics and turn in such a weak and lame ass issue of Wolverine. This comic was possibly the worse Wolverine stories I have ever read and I had to check it twice to make sure Jason Aaron was really the writer. Add in Goran Sudzuka turning in Sal Buscema style art with coloring from the seventies and this book was a mess from the $4 price point to the bitter end of the story.

The story was about Wolverine who has gone all feral and is running around with wolves. He went all self pitying and depressed because the Red Hand set him up to kill his own kids that he never knew existed. Evil hunters find the wolves and capture a few and shoot Logan in the head thinking they killed him. Logan gets mad, saves his wolf brothers and the children these guys had captured to be fodder for their games of wolf fights and wolf fights with kids. If only they had also been Nazis and smokers they could have been the most evil people of all time. After saving the kids everybody in the all the groups he belongs to came out to the wilderness lead by his girl friend to tell him they love and want him to come home. Interspaced are head shots of all of Logan’s friends saying what they think of him. Everyone hugs and Wolverine gets excited and pops his claws killing his girl friend. Okay the last line I made up but it would have at least given the book some edge. 

What the hell was that an after school special or a Bravo Network / Lifetime Movie starring Wolverine. How can the writer of Scalped spew out this pabulum? Sudzuka’s art worked better in Punisher with Ennis, but was never strong, making it all light and bright with slick processing just exposes it for the weak art that it is. 

Why do comics suck, because they have to soften up even the hardest characters until you no longer recognize them as being who they are anymore. I can’t believe this crap was written by Jason (Scalped / PunisherMax) Aaron. It was like watching Bruce Willis, John Wayne and Robert De Niro doing Sex in the City.