Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things That Are Bugging Me In Comics

I do not have the time to do this justice, but I also want to this blog to have some new content more then once in a blue moon.

So a very short post, with no graphics, my current big gripes.

The armor and overly complex costumes. My chief example the new Deathstroke. His armor is so complex it has to slow down the artist and it is nothing but glitz and serves no purpose. Hell let's not even talk about the sword which is six feet tall. If you think artists can't hit deadlines make all the costumes so complex it takes them twice as long to draw the darn things.

Young children in comics. Okay I accept Damian as Robin, but grade school Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe and the grade school Hellfire Club in X-Men, really is Children of the Corn your inspiration for evil bad guys. Can't wait for the evil babies attack on the Avengers.

Super powered Hawkeye? I had no clue the Ultimate Hawkeye has actual powers. Hell takes away the idea that Marvel has at least one regular person with no extras that can make the grade.

Daredevil delivering suits all over town so he looks good when he gets to where he is going. This is one of those cute things where a writer decides to try and explain stuff in a comic book story. Somethings are just that it is a comic book. Look no one knows Clark and Superman are the same guy, just accept the comic book logic and move on, explaining it becomes more ridiculous.

Hope to get more post out here on a semi-regular basis.

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