Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Open Letter to DC Comics

Dear DC Comics,

The new half page ad in your comics is destroying any enjoyment I was getting out of your books. I have had issues with enjoying the books since the New 52, but this is even worse. I have never enjoyed the ads through out the comics, but have come to accept those. Half page ads are annoying, but often in older books it was at the end of the story or one page full art and one page half ad/art. This two page half ad double page spread absolutely destroys the flow of the story.

I have tried to remain a fan as I enjoyed the characters for decades now, but I think that time has come to end. Even with a better price point that Marvel or most independent comics the story flow is now horrendous. I have tried and cancelled after one issue 8 of the 10 re-launched series.

I have been a long time fan, a comic book retailer in the nineties and ran a blog for awhile (Comics And...). So it is with a heavy heart that I have to say the New 52 and now this recent slate of books and the ad stuff is all becoming too much.

I have dropped Marvel comics (except for the odd collection) and feel like I may drop all DC for now soon. I know as an older fan (59) I'm not the target market but I do think the line needs a course correction and an up and down re-evaluation to build a long term success and not a constant mode of re-launches and gimmicks.

Thanks for your attention.

PS - Please reschedule the Captain Comet Archives - I always wanted to read that material. 


  1. I agree, I actually have found that I only really like some older graphic novels from the comics nowadays, often because they actually progress the characters. Both DC and Marvel had a good trend going back in the 1990s when their characters actually aged, and some of the alternate stories from DC were actually enjoyable too, such as Kingdom Come or All-Star Superman, where the characters are faced with a time limit on life, or actually grew up and had a family of superheroes. If anything, comics nowadays pretty much have fulfilled the parody that Disney put forward with their launch of The Incredibles: Make the Bold move and make non cannon storylines where the characters age, grow up, etc. Nowadays comic characters pretty much live in Neverland.

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