Saturday, September 28, 2013

Goodbye to the Guardians of the Galaxy

I just read my last issue of this comic. I love Rocket Raccoon, Groot and all the rest of the crew. I was not thrilled with Iron Man being in the group but managed to over look his part in the book. Then Marvel decided that adding Angela to the book was a great idea. I know it is some sort of thing they are giving to Neil Gaiman to curry favor with him or something of that ilk, but now she is the central focus of the book. I think it was funny that Gaiman won in court over McFarlane who at times appears to be a colossal ass, but that does not make me care about a character that I never followed. Now she is the big bad ass of the book and it is all the scary crap because Earth heroes have broken time and blah, blah, blah. For $4 this book will have to sit on the shelves. This is a little disappointing because crazy adventures with a flying squirrel and moose is something I miss ( I mean Raccoon and a tree)


  1. I'm curious, did the All-New X-Men Trial of Jean Grey entice you to come back? I'm actually kinda excited to see where they're going with this (prediction: nowhere, beyond the Cyclops solo-series spin-off)

  2. I did come back for the Trial of Jean Grey and it sure as heck has not convinced me to read the book again. I'm finding way too many Marvel books are stories that are pointless as maintaining the copyright seems to be the goal.