Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kyle Rayner is TOO DAMN YOUNG as is the rest of the DCU

Pre the New 52 Kyle
Baby Kyle in the New 52
The new DCU has made all of the characters so young that there is no way any of them have any gravitas to them anymore. Check out Kyle Rayner in this picture he looks like he is 14 years old at best.  It is just ridiculous to assume that Batman has only been around six years, has had at least three Robins and done all that he has in that short of a time. Before we were able to just think it may have been years or never know the exact timing, but since Batman appeared to be in his 40’s at this point (or late 30’s) we could at least think the story had some level of comic book believability. Now Green Arrow and the rest all look like kids and could be in the teen titans. Also, almost half the characters look the same Steve Trevor, Aquaman, John Constatine and a few others could be doppelgangers.
New 52 Kyle - Can't Buy a beer yet. 

Baby Face Steve

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