Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week of November 2

A quick mention of everything I read this week.

Hulk #44 – Patrick Zircher is a very good artist, but is getting too cute with his layouts. Otherwise this is a decent story.

Batwing #3 – More fighting then you can shake a stick out and some decent art, but where the hell is the plot?

Moon Knight #7 – Why do I keep getting this, more crappy Bendis dialogue, but the story is intriguing enough and even Maleev cranking out a book on schedule is moody enough to make the art work.

Fear Itself The Fearless #2 – Entertaining and not taxing with solid art.

Sweet Tooth #27 – Damn if Lemire doesn’t know how to tell a good story and Matt Kindt on art for this flashback sequence is working very well. Plus we are learning just exactly what the heck is going on with these animal kids.