Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week of November 2

A quick mention of everything I read this week.

Hulk #44 – Patrick Zircher is a very good artist, but is getting too cute with his layouts. Otherwise this is a decent story.

Batwing #3 – More fighting then you can shake a stick out and some decent art, but where the hell is the plot?

Moon Knight #7 – Why do I keep getting this, more crappy Bendis dialogue, but the story is intriguing enough and even Maleev cranking out a book on schedule is moody enough to make the art work.

Fear Itself The Fearless #2 – Entertaining and not taxing with solid art.

Sweet Tooth #27 – Damn if Lemire doesn’t know how to tell a good story and Matt Kindt on art for this flashback sequence is working very well. Plus we are learning just exactly what the heck is going on with these animal kids.

Swamp Thing #3 – Scott Snyder is doing a slow burn with this book, but the Green versus the Rot is shaping up as a hell of a battle.

Animal Man #3 – Hey it is that Jeff Lemire guy again, this guy is a star and a writer. The red versus the rot, I’m sensing a cross over in the near future.

Detective Comics #3 – Tony Daniel cannot write a coherent story, issue #1 was a false promise and this book is falling apart. No cohesion, lack of logic and too many story elements.

Red Lanterns #3 – Milligan has just made Bleez into one of the more interesting characters in comics. This book is shaping up nicely and Benes is doing solid work, especially paired with an inker.

Uncanny X-Men #1 – Why the big harangue about this book ending when a new volume starts the next month. Not sure this is working for me, but I’ll try it out for a couple more months.

American Vampire #20 – Scott Snyder is DC’s best writer right now. He has eclipsed Johns by leaps and bounds and consistently a great story teller. Add Jordi Bernet into the mix and this story of the old west with naked Native American female vampires and more back story on Skinner is great stuff.

Stormwatch #3 – Some new characters, revamped characters, menaces the size of small neighborhoods and confusion reigns, but somehow it is coming together.

The Goon #36 – A tribute to Roxi DLite the Queen of Burlesque. A book to enjoy in the privacy of your bathroom. The Goon is always fun.

Fear Agent #32 – A final farewell to a great series and one that will probably read well in larger chunks. The 48 years between issue #30 and these two final issues was not a plus.

Action Comics #3 – Morrison and Superman is a recipe for awesome comics.  Add in Rags and Gene Ha on art and this book is just rocking. 

Invincible #84 – This issue brought me back to being a fan, loved the idea that Mark has decided to do more than fight the super villain of the moment. 

Fear Itself 7.1 – Setting up the Winter Solider series and establishing what I knew, Bucky is not dead. Brubaker has been killing on Cap and Bucky for years now.

Last of the Greats #2 – Joshua Hale Fialkov has some great ideas and this one is working out pretty well. This is another take on a superman like character who is not a good guy at all. 

Justice League International #3 – “Yawn”, one more issue to do more than be a generic super hero group book.

Strange Talent of Luther Strode #2 – This book is okay, but in some ways it is a high school angst book and I’m way past caring about that stuff. 

Green Arrow #3 – This book is almost too thin and trying to do too much at the same time. New writer next issue so we will hang out a little longer.

Witch Doctor #4 – Looking forward to the next mini-series. A crazy series that at times I don’t want to like, but when I read it I really get a kick out of it. 

OMAC #3 – I was ready to drop this book, but I forced myself to read the whole thing and will be back for #4. I think Giffen’s work is what keeps me on the book. 

Cold War #2 – Like an old fashioned James Bond story full of clichés and action, a lot of fun. 

Spawn #213 – This is the ultimate in decompressed story telling. We are about 12 issues or more into this new storyline and have hardly moved the plot forward at all. I loved this book, but may drop the title again. It is well done, but please move the m-f’ing plot forward.

Snyder, Lemire, Brubaker rule this week!

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